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I am Oduor. Jagero is my (witch ) other name. Oduor Jagero. My heart tells me that I am a writer. A writer at heart, you know. That is true. Apart from writing, I code. I make websites. My story is longer than that. For example, I was born by the road side and I  survived the mosquitoes. Or that I have a wife and a daughter. Still my story doesn’t end there. It winds its way through alleyways and crossroads. 


Building Successful Businesses Since 2000

Writing Consultancy

As someone who has written written four books, I qualify in giving you advice on writing. Whether you're writing a book, a report, CV, blogging, I can do that for you. 

Web Consultancy

After my journalism and communication, I studied coding and web design. And so I do this pretty well. Check my web design company @koamedia.co.ke.

Events Consultancy

Did you know that I am the Lead at CMS Africa? No? Yes I am. I am the key convener of cmsafricasummit.org, acssummit.org .

Who have I worked for? 

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Africa Alliance of YMCAs Building, State House CRE, Nairobi City.


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