a novella

Achieng is a renown neurosurgeon in Nairobi. As her star continues to shine, her marriage begins to shake. Then her health flounders. The stories that her mother told her, about the ghosts that follows granddaughters, begin to make sense. Her father who left when she was a young girl resurfaces. She hopes to save her marriage. But will she save her life?

Other Thrillers

Satirical Thriller

Maina is a violent robber whose disgust for blood and craving to be loved forces him to quit for a better career. But when Maina lands the job of a matatu driver, he realizes that he has slipped into the underworld bedeviled by corrupt traffi­c police, city council askaris, and cartels. 

Thriller Short Stories 

A woman decides to commit suicide but she travels to Zanzibar in an attempt to learn about death. A jobless master’s degree man decides to travel from Kisumu for a job offering in Nanyuki. On the way she meets a college mate and things fall apart in what turns out to be far from milking.

Historical Thriller

African history comes alive and haunting, again, in this tale of humans turned ghosts and ghosts turned humans. Here is a story that, once again, reminds Africans that it is they, only Africans, who will overcome the evil that shadows the continent and re-humanize themselves.

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Available April, 2019

downTown, Nairobi


Nguraka sells sugar and rice. But he is also in other trades such as how drugs move from point A-B.