When I am not coding, I write stories.

Popular Excerpts from semi colon. 

Going to Nanyuki

My right hand strays. Her hair is smooth and a little oily. Her neck is warm. Cut does not have pillow tits. They’re a perky handful, and proportional. She starts playing with my beard. I’m sure things are getting out of hand quickly, but I’m not sure if I should use my busy hands to restrain myself. She jumps on to my lap.


Semi Colon

I peel off my shorts and blouse, jump into the shower, and wash away the road dirt and the memories of burning people. Then naked, I slump into bed, into my thoughts, and dive deeper into my loneliness.  I’ll murder myself the day after tomorrow.

The man with Grey Hair

Kanyi was short, with an unpleasant body odour, and nothing striking about his looks. He wasn’t rich either; he struggled to make ends meet. But I loved him. I loved Kanyi for three reasons. He was kind. He loved me. And whenever we made love, he ushered me into another world; he worked me hard and rough. You know how rough can be beautiful? Moraa, the Kenyan poet, says that one day she’ll like to make love to a quantum physicist.


How I remember everything

We met on our first day in college. My father had brought me to the school and his mother had brought him there as well. We were both seated at the reception lounge of the admissions office, waiting for our parents to complete the required paper work. We were both excited; it showed on his face and I felt it in my blood. Our college dreams were kicking off. Later on, out of class and along the corridors, our love lives would coincidentally kick off too.